Raise Funds Wonka Style!

This year we have ambitiously launched our "Million Smiles" initiative to help local organizations raise money. We work with your organization to host one of our popular "Choklat Therapy" events here at Choklat for up to 20 people. The event takes place on a weekday evening after work - usually about 7pm. We donate the tickets. Your organization sells the tickets and keeps 100% of the proceeds. We then host the event on the evening agreed to.

Learn more about our fund raiser events by clicking here

Sell Boxes Of Made-To-Order Truffles!

Let's start with the most important part: YOU. KEEP. HALF. Yes, you read that correctly. Where other companies offer a token 20-30% of the gross selling price of the item sold, we're splitting it right down the middle. Here's how it works: Your organization hands out, or even emails to donors, pledge forms for boxes of 10 big, fresh, made-to-order truffles. The donor fills out the pledge form, chooses what truffles they want and either emails or hands them back to you. You submit the pledge form to us and we get to work! We prepare the orders, ship them to you (or you pick them up) and you give them out and collect the money. Every box of truffles sells for $25. Your organization gets $12.50, and Choklat gets $12.50. That's pretty fair eh?

Download the program details by clicking here
Download a pledge form by clicking here