Sell Choklat! Make Money!

For many years now, our loyal customers have been promoting Choklat to friends and family for no other reason than they enthusiastically believe in us and they absolutely LOVE our chocolate. Honestly, the passion of our customers for my creations never ceases to amaze me. It's time to give back, and because of this I am happy to announce the launch of an incredible rewards system.

   GOOD CUSTOMERS: Get deep discounts (or even free choklat) by referring customers to us! Every time someone in your referral list makes a purchase you will get 5% of their purchase credited to your account with us. More details are available in your customer console!

   INDEPENDENT CONSULTANTS: You can now register as an independent dealer and make money or get free chocolate simply by encouraging friends and family members to buy our choklat.

   RETAIL BUSINESS OWNERS: Do you own a retail store such as a coffee shop or specialty food store? Now you can purchase and resell our amazing chocolate, and even offer a selection of our award winning hot drinking chocolates!

Registration is super easy! Just fill out one simple form and you're ready to sell some chocolate and make some money! We'll also email you a dealer package right away, and within 24 hours we'll be in touch to answer questions and help you place your first order.

I Want To....Make money. Get free choklat!