Raise Funds Wonka Style!

This year we have ambitiously launched our "Million Smiles" initiative to help local organizations raise desperately needed funds. One component is to host a private event where we work with your organization to host one of our popular "Choklat Therapy" events. We donate the tickets. Your organization sells the tickets and keeps 100% of the proceeds. We then host the event on the evening chosen. Learn More by clicking here

Private Events - Make Your Company Event The Talk Of The Town!

Our stunning factory showroom is the perfect venue for your team building event or client appreciation party! Gather 20 of your best friends, clients, or employees and let us take them on a fun and educational journey of chocolate from bean to bar through Alberta's only true chocolate factory while they enjoy incredible non-alcoholic chocolate drinks and treats made right here from the finest cocoa beans in the world! We can now host your group during the day, evenings and even weekends. Call us today for pricing and details. 403-457-1419

Choklat Therapy

There are worse things in life than being locked in a chocolate factory for a couple of hours! Join us as we ply you with decadent chocolate, and delightful non-alcoholic beverages and desserts while taking you on a tour of Alberta's ONLY chocolate making facility. On this fun and informative tour you'll get to see just how chocolate is made. You'll learn the differences that cocoa beans can make in the flavour of chocolate. You'll laugh. You might even cry. Either way, we guarantee you'll never look at chocolate the same way again!

The Art Of Making Chocolate

For those of you who have taken our Choklat Snobbery course, this will be a fun next step. YOU GET TO MAKE YOUR OWN CHOCOLATE! WoooHoo! Take an evening, roll up your sleeves, and join our master chocolate maker where together you'll roast up some cocoa beans and grind up your very own chocolate to take home. How cool is that?

Learn Something Cool!

There are lots of really cool things that people can do with chocolate. Throughout the year we offer various courses and seminars on a wide variety of topics, ranging from the technical aspects of tempering chocolate, through to something super easy like making fudge, or cute decorations for your desserts. Whether you are a home hobbyist, or a culinary professional wishing to broaden your skill set, these are great learning opportunities. Our master chocolate maker will go over various types of equipment you can use and why you may or may not want it. The techniques and "trade secrets" you learn here will have you on your way to becoming the next Food Network star!