When You Use The Best Ingredients Money Can Buy...White Chocolate

Has A Taste You Can't Deny Falling In Love With

Mmmmm..... So
Rich And Creamy

New Product!

For years white chocolate has been like the rented mule of the chocolate industry. It's used a lot but not given credit, and everybody either flips their nose at it or is embarrased to say they like it.

Enough is Enough! A good no... wait... A GREAT white chocolate showcases the only ingredients that give it flavour: milk and vanilla. Compromise one or the other and yes, you've got a mule.

As you know, here at Choklat, we use the best ingredients that money can buy, and for this bad boy it's powdered whipping cream and whole Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla beans. No vanilla "flavouring" and definitely no crappy skim milk powder. Buy one and you'll see.


For years we've been using white chocolate in our shop for the centers of our confections and for dipping truffles. We've never sold it only because we didn't have the space or time to make yet another chocolate bar. However with our new factory we do, and we can now offer it to you!

The interesting thing about our white chocolate is that it's not really white. In fact its more like a beige color. This is because we don't use Titanium dioxide, a whitening agent for chocolate. It's also important to note that other than sugar, the other ingredients aren't really white. Cocoa butter is a creamy yellow color. The powdered cream (yeah I said cream. Diet is a "four letter word" here!) we use is a creamy white color, and the Madagascan vanilla we use to balance the flavour is a dark brown. The combination of everything gives it a dark beige color, but an absolutely amazing taste. One bit starts the train wreck of finishing the whole bar in one sitting.

Over the next several months we will be experimenting with a white chocolate that contains vanilla and a white chocolate that has no vanilla at all. Up until now we've used exclusively the white chocolate without vanilla as it's the perfect carrying agent for fruity and bright flavours in our confections. Being able to actually "make" the chocolate is a distinct advantage here over our peers, as it is almost impossible to get white chocolate with no vanilla and vanilla reacts adversely with fruits.

White Choklat Bark Cranberries, blueberries, pistachios, peppermint, ginger, caramel, and other snack items go great with white chocolate. We will be doing a lot of experimenting in the upcoming months. We hope you stop by to try some of our samples and give your input.
White Choklat Truffles Ice Wine, clover honey and spices, caramel and white chocolate... We can make the chocolate however we need in order to make various truffle centers pop! This is the fun part of our job for sure! Thank goodness our gym memberships are up to date or we're sure to get fat.
White Choklat Drinks We don't even know where to begin. There are so many possibilities. Bailey's Irish Cream or Creme de Cacao seem like good places to start. What do you think?