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Ok. I admit it. In the spirit of transparency, Donald Trump didn't make that claim.

However, in spite of poking fun at a prominent public figure we do take our milk chocolate very seriously, and make what many people claim to be the best milk chocolate they have every eaten.

Just as I have reiterated in other areas of this site, it's ALL about the ingredients. Where other companies use cheap powdered skim milk, the secret to our milk chocolate is using powdered cream. Yup. You got it. CREAM. The combination of this very expensive ingredient, the pure madagascan vanilla we use, and the amazing cocoa beans we import work to make a milk chocolate that is out of this world.

Tasting our two milk chocolates side by side cause people to iinstantly understand the difference between European chocolate and North American chocolate. We've chosen two varieties of beans with very opposing flavour profiles to showcase this feature. If you buy one, I do recommend you buy the other to see for yourself!


First of all, the percentage figure you are reading in the title of each of our bars refers to the cocoa content in the bar. Cocoa content in our case is the combination of both cocoa beans, and cocoa butter. The remaining 52% is comprised of powdered cream, sugar, vanilla, and a pinch of soy lecithin to help with fluidity when we are working with it.

Currently we import 5 varieties of cocoa beans from 5 different regions of the world and use two of them to make milk chocolate: our Brazilian beans and our Cuyagua beans.

If you have never had premium chocolate before you may be a bit startled by the taste. You see, cocoa beans are the seed of a tropical fruit. When it's harvested, it's covered in a pulp that tastes... well... fruity! Naturally, as those beans are processed into a good quality chocolate some of the fruitiness is preserved. This is a stark contrast to much of the chocolate we get here in North America, which in comparison usually tastes muddy, over-roasted, and quite lack lustre.

Brazilian 48% Milk Our Brazilian Milk choklat is often compared to a European milk chocolate, which typically retains much of the fruitiness of the cocoa beans when done. This is the biggest difference between a Cadbury's bar from the UK and a Cadbury's bar made here in North America. The UK bar is lighter and fruitier. Our Brazilian milk choklat is similar to the UK bar. In fact many customer have begun sending our bars to the UK, because it's better than what they can buy over there.
Cuyagua 48% Milk This is the North American "style" counterpart to our Brazilian milk chocolate. Not everyone likes fruity chocolate, and the Cuyagua answers that. Given that the recipes for each bar are the same, a comparison of the two is quite interested.