You Pick the Center. You Pick The Coatings. We Make Them.Design Your Very Own Truffles!Almost 1,100 combinations

Custom Truffles Made Just For You

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When you order truffles from Choklat, you get to pick the centers, what you want them dipped in (milk, dark, or white choklat), and what you want them coated with. We then go to work and do our best to get your truffles out the door within 12 hours. Whether you're a serious dark chocolate lover, or you want some fun confections for a party, we have what you need, and you get it fresh.

COMING SOON: Just before our staff start making your truffles, we'll send you an SMS text with a link to a live video feed where you will be able to watch your order being assembled in real time! How cool is that!?


We did some shopping for you: Not only is the quality beyond reproach, but our prices are about 40% LESS than our competitors in the same class. For example, a competitor's average truffle price is about $1.50 per 12g piece (not including the cost of the fancy box). Our truffles are almost TWICE that size (about 23g) and are priced at $2.25 each, PLUS we don't charge extra for the fancy box. In the end, you pay 43% less for more of a better quality, hand made product.

With 1071 possible truffle combinations, we pretty much guarantee there's something for everyone. All of our truffle centers are made regularly and in small batches, so they are continually being used up and never sit in a fridge for months on end. Nor do we freeze anything. When it comes to our truffles we do not compromise. We make the caramel. We make the marshmallows. We use fresh oranges, raspberries, and limes. We even grow our own peppermint in house. Our hazelnut truffles use hazelnut butter ordered in specifically for it. We don't use artificial flavourings. EVER.

Filling Options: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Bailey's Irish Cream, Amaretto, Creme' Caramel, Vanilla White Chocolate, Fresh Hazelnut, Spiced Pumpkin, Fresh Raspberry (OMG my fave!), Fresh Orange, Key Lime, Ginger Snap, Fresh Peppermint, Espresso, Fresh Marshmallow, Peanut Butter, Unbaked Cheesecake
Dipping Options Milk Choklat, Dark Choklat, White Choklat
Coating Options Cinnamon Nutmeg, Shaved Dark Choklat, Shaved White Choklat, Cocoa Nibs, Crushed Brownies, Crushed Graham Wafers, Crushed Oreo Cookies, Roasted Peanuts, Roasted Hazelnuts, Roasted Pecans, Roasted Almonds, Skor Toffee Bits, Hot Pink Glitter Sprinkles, Blue Glitter Sprinkles, Orange Glitter Sprinkles, Purple Glitter Sprinkles, Rice Krisps, Toasted Coconut, Sweetened Coconut, Pastel Stars, Pastel Sequins
Some Examples: Dark Choklat Center dipped in Dark Choklat and rolled in Cocoa Nibs
Creme' Caramel Center dipped in Milk Choklat and rolled in Toasted Coconut
Fresh Raspberry Center dipped in Dark Choklat and rolled in Toasted ALmonds
MMMMmmm..... We could go on like this all day.