Cocoa Nibs...Some Call It A Super Food.

Crunchy and Intense
Definitely Unique

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Cocoa nibs are the meats of the cocoa beans themselves. A lot of steps need to take place for the beans to become nibs. They are harvested, fermented, dried, roasted, broken up, winnowed (shells are blown away), and THEN they can be called nibs.

A handful of roasted cocoa nibs is essentially a handful of chocolate in its purest form. Good quality, properly roasted nibs (such as what we have) are crunchy, intensely chocolatey, slightly acidic, and usually quite fruity.

Nibs are great if you want to experiment with making chocolate at home, or for people who like chocolate but have to watch their sugar, or even for inclusion in baking and snack foods to impart a chocolately flavour without excess fat and sugar.


First off, all of the nibs we sell are roasted. Roasting is the ONLY way to get them to taste anything like chocolate, and until cocoa beans are roasted, they just taste nasty, bitter, and astringent. More importantly, roasting is the only proven way to kill pathogens that hitch a ride from their country of origin in the tiny cooks and crevices of the beans. Anyone offering "raw" nibs for sale that taste like chocolate is lying to you. Period. People lie. Chemistry doesn't.

Having said that, when you open and smell a package of our nibs for the first time, you will be amazed at the depth and intensity of their flavour. The beans we use are literally the best in the world and with a proper roast.... well.... You'll see.

Brazilian Nibs Slightly acidic with notes of black cherry and vanilla. Very nice chocolate flavour. These nibs form the mainstay of all of our in house working chocolate, and are also used as one of our truffle coatings. Highly recommended and versatile for dessert dishes.
Cuyagua Nibs Nutty with notes of cherry, honey, and apricot. My personal experience of smelling this bean is of smelling sweet pipe tobacco. The flavour is very complex and very rich. These would be a great addition to granolas, and will stand up well in savoury dishes.
Ocumare Nibs Slightly acidic with a straight, nice chocolate flavour. These nibs form the foundation of all of our drinking chocolate. They'd be great in icecream, or even to try your hand at a chocolate beverage of some type in your own home!
Porcelana Nibs The rarest cocoa beans in the world, these are unlike anything you have ever tried. They are a creamy, reddish beige color, are quite acidic, and have very heavy raisin and red wine notes. Definitely lots going on in the flavour department.