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Anti-Cocoa Powder

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Very little commercial baking is done today that doesn't use cocoa powder and various food stabilizers. Propylene glycol is one stabilizer of many. Cocoa powder is the bottom of the barrel in the chocolate industry, and propylene glycol? Bakeries use it to stabilized "simulated whipped cream". I use it as anti-freeze in my dirt bikes and I refuse to consume it in either application! TRUE STORY.

Here at Choklat we don't use any of that crap. The only "ate" we have in our cupboard is Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda), and I have worked tirelessly to create recipes that use our ground cocoa beans instead of cocoa powder. Our brownies are a great example of the purity of ingredients. Eggs, flour, sugar, butter, 100% pure chocolate. That's it. We make them fresh, and have sold 10's of thousands of them because they are that damned good.


If you would like to try some of our baked goods we will need a bit of lead time. The products are made fresh, and on days when there are no orders for them, we don't make a batch. If sealed correctly, most of our baked goods will last several days and in fact do travel rather well. The only items we will NOT ship are the cupcakes. They are simply too delicate.

If you happen to have special dietary needs, it's also important to note that we do work with nuts in our facility, and all of our baked goods contain some form of flour and dairy products. We're sorry, but at this time we don't offer gluten or dairy free alternatives.

Brownies To Die For They really are to die for. We use pure ground cocoa beans and bake each brownie in its own pan. You get 4 crunchy corners, and a decadent, rich, soft center. You will never look at another brownie after this!
Oatmeal Choklat Drizzle Cookies I have been making these cookies since I was 10 years old, and over the course of my life have made 100's of thousands of them. After almost 40 years, they are still considered a "food group" to me.
Shortbread Caramel Cookies Available by special order only. These cookies are a whipped shortbread formed, molded and baked with a groove right down the middle. Once cool, we fill the groove with our own in-house cream caramel, and then enrobe the entire cookie in milk chocolate. Over the years this has been one of our biggest sellers.
Orange Hazelnut Biscotti This is the perfect accompaniement to one of our drinking choklats. Using our own imported hazelnuts and fresh grated orange zest, we make the biscotti and only SINGLE BAKE it in order to maintain it's cookie like softness. They are big, and filling, and are dipped in our milk choklat.
Choklat Cupcakes OMG.... Introducing the best cupcake on the planet! The cake is light and fluffy - almost dry - due to us substituting ground cocoa beans for the standard cocoa powder and vegetable oil. And now for the denaument: The Topping! Instead of a sickly sweet pile of sugar and butter on top, we pipe a whipped ganache on top. Yup.... A little bit of butter, a lot of chocolate, and a bit of cream gets you the smoothest, richest cupcake icing on the planet. We also offer as an option, a white chocolate/fresh raspberry ganache too.