Bark'nuff said

Bark Bark Bark

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You know... If you say that fast enough you almost sound like the Cadbury Easter Rabbit!

Sorry. I digress. I'm supposed to write something enticing here, evangelizing how amazing our bark is - something that will compell you to click that "Buy Now" button below. However in my quest for content I've used an hour of my life that I'll never get back, and all I've come up with is "It's a slab of chocolate with nuts and fruit and other stuff mixed in." Mind you, it's a slab of MY chocolate, which in itself is pretty darned amazing. So.... Have I inspired you to click?

What... Wait! You were supposed to stop reading and click the button. I'll stop now and let you get on with the important task of feeding your addiction to amazing chocolate.


Oh my goodness, another description tab on my screen. Well this one is for anyone who wants to get into a debate with me regarding the look of the confections and or packaging. The Bark (not me) will smack you down my friend! Here's why:

Our bark is incredibly popular - representing almost 30% of Choklat's overall revenue. At Christmas time it FLIES off the shelf because it's packaged, shelf stable, and tastes freaking amazing. Yet, while the packaging is professional looking, the bark itself is ugly. Compared to the beautifully molded chocolate confections every chocolate artist seems to want to brush with colored cocoa butter these days, there's no arguing that.

In the debate about the importance of presentation in this industry, Bark is the posterchild for "who cares, as long as it tastes good??", and having sold close to 45,000 bags of it in the past few years I would have to say I'm a pretty qualifed authority on Bark.

So... Buy our Bark. It's ugly but tastes freaking amazing. Plus, I've said it before and I'll say it again: "Nobody eats the box."

Dark Choklat with Fruit & Nuts Even people who don't typically like dark chocolate will fight you for the bag. Fresh toasted almond and hazelnuts, mixed in with just the right amount of dried Nova Scotia blueberries and cranberries.
Milk Choklat With Fruit & Nuts Personally this is my fave. The exact same as the dark choklat bark, except with Milk Chocolate instead.
Dark Choklat With Hazelnuts There is something to be said about letting the ingredients stand on their own. Just two - one we make, and the other we buy directly from the grower in Oregon. No Compromise is made with either. There simply can't be.
Milk Choklat With Hazelnuts This is my second favourite bark. I don't know about you, but there's something about the tasted of milk chocolate and hazelnuts that sends that whole bag of bark on a death spiral the minute its opened. There are no survivors here, and have heard of customers licking out the inside of the bag in last ditch efforts to enjoy more.
Dark Choklat With Almonds Thanks to the wax-factory coated almonds that we've all paid too much for in support of the hockey kid down the street, we've been on a quest to find chocolate and almonds that actually tastes good. Here you go. Two ingredients. The perfect marriage between our amazing 70% dark chocolate and lightly toasted almonds. The worst part of all of this is you'll still have to shell out the $100 for that crappy box of waxed elk turds because that's what nice supportive neighbors do.
Milk Choklat With Almonds Please see my description of the Dark Choklat and Almonds above. I outdid myself in that and fear that this description would just be the really bad sequel. Oh... By the way: Our milk chocolate with almonds is... well... Milk choklat and almonds. It's awesome.