What Makes Us Different?

It all starts with us being the ONLY chocolate maker in Alberta.
Yes. You read that correctly. The. ONLY. Chocolate. Maker.

We Are Truly Bean To Bar

Here in Alberta, regardless of what they may tell you at the counter, every other chocolatier buys bulk chocolate to make their confections. Here at Choklat, we import the rarest cocoa beans in the world, then roast, grind and refine them into chocolate that meets our exact specifications. This gives us control over the quality and taste of our final confections that our peers can't touch.

Honest And Transparent

It's a shame that I have write this. Many chocolatiers lie about what they do. They lie about making chocolate. They play word games on their packaging. The list goes on and on. You will find NONE of that here. EVER. In fact we are very public and outspoken against deceptive practices in this industry. It's about time you the customer were treated with respect and integrity.

Natural Ingredients

You'll find no artificial flavourings here! Real raspberries. Real Hazelnut butter. Real oranges. Even real Bailey's Irish Cream! There is a very good reason why thousands of people claim our confections are the best they've ever tasted.

All About You.

Blah Blah Blah... It's cliche', I know. As a consumer we hear this all the time. However for most chocolatiers it ISN'T about you. It's about their egos and the 30+/- varieties of confections they like to make. At Choklat, your confections are made fresh to order based on what YOU want. We can make over 1100 varieties of truffles. How crazy is that? You get what you want. Period.

About Choklat

We are a team focused on offering decadent confections with a quality of flavour that is beyond reproach.

At the same time we strive to bring honesty and integrity to an industry that for so long has masked cheap chocolate with expensive ribbons, boxes, bows, and then a good solid kick to your wallet.

We'll kick your wallet a bit too. However we spend our money intelligently on ingredients rather than packaging. After all, nobody eats the box!






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I am continually amazed at the loyalty that people demonstrate for my Choklat. The only word that truly describes what most people say about this business is "Evangelical". Here are some examples: