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We have spent the last 9 months designing a pan of brownies to beat all brownies, and guess what? It's finally launching! 100's of customer critiques. Months of abuse on the kitchen counter, and two full belt notches later it's ready! Don't open the pan until you're ready to eat the whole pan. That's what's going to happen!

What!? New truffle centers you say??? Yup. This promotion includes a generous 300g box of truffles which celebrates 6 new centers here at Choklat, and O.M.G... are they ever good!

Oh... we're not done with this promotion yet. If a new pan of brownies and a new collection of truffles wasn't enough, we're including with this THREE new fudge combinations.

Throw in FREE CANADA WIDE DELIVERY and you've got luxury craft chocolate on your doorstep for less than you can get in the grocery store! WOW!!!

You may be surprised to know that chocolatiers like Purdy's, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Laura Secord, Bernard Callebaut, and almost every small chocolatier you can think of do not actually "make" the chocolate they use in their confections. They buy the chocolate already made - usually in the form of chips or blocks. While some may dabble with tiny machines and make tiny amounts of chocolate. That doesn't make them professional chocolate makers. Choklat's CEO painted a picture once. It doesn't make him an artist!

You see, there is a big difference between a chocolate maker and a chocolatier. A chocolate maker's primary business is importing cocoa beans and making chocolate. A chocolatier's primary business is using chocolate that's already been made to create their confections.

Choklat DOES BOTH. We make chocolate to sell, and and then we exclusively use our chocolate to make our confections.

Having been in business for 9 years now, Choklat has garnered a reputation for producing some of the finest artisan chocolate in the world, and is the only chocolatier in Canada that exclusively makes all of our chocolate in house.

Currently we import, roast, and refine 5 varieties of cocoa beans from 5 different regions of the world. Three are from Venezuela, one is from Mexico, and the other is from Brazil. Each variety has it's own very distinctive flavour profile and along with making chocolate bars out of them, they are used in different ways to make our various confections.

We treat cocoa beans just like the fine wine industry treats grapes. Each cocoa bean we import is made into a single chocolate. We don't blend beans. EVER

If you have never had premium chocolate before you may be a bit startled by the taste. You see, cocoa beans are the seed of a tropical fruit. When it's harvested, it's covered in a pulp that tastes... well... fruity! Naturally, as those beans are processed into a good quality chocolate some of the fruitiness is preserved. This is a stark contrast to much of the chocolate we get here in North America, which in comparison usually tastes muddy and quite lack lustre.

If you HAVE had premium chocolate before, you may prefer our 80% line instead of our 70% line. The reason is that the recipe for our 70% line results in a bar that isn't as intense as a typical dark bar. Also, due to the quality of the beans we buy, and the roasting profile we have settled on, our 80% has very little of the astringency and bitterness usually associated with bars of that intensity. A leading industry professional recently described our Cuyagua 80% as Wow. Wow. Wow. ...and this guy knows what he's talking about.

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A Whole Pan of Brownies! YAY!! Of all the recipes we've created over the years, we would have to say that creating the "perfect" brownie has been the most difficult. To attain the perfect balance between dry/crunchy and soft/gooey, then also too sweet and not sweet enough has kept us up late more nights than we care to admit. However we did it. We created the perfect balance - so perfect that a national retailer has already agreed to start carrying it. And then to top it with a layer of pure chocolate and cream??? WOW WOW WOW. We are launching it first for you to enjoy before it starts hitting the stores in a few weeks.
New Truffle Varieties! For the past 10 years our large, decadent truffles have become a favourite of customers all over Canada. Once again we've raised the bar and created a new series of truffles that will leave you weak in the knees. This collection starts in true Canadian form: A White Chocolate and Canadian Maple center, dipped in milk chocolate, and rolled in a combination of maple flakes and perfectly cooked and cured Canadian back bacon. (I just ate three and thank goodness that's all there were in front of me!), We also have an amazing coconut cream truffle, our version of pecan pie truffle, fresh strawberries and cream (absolutely NO artificial flavours here!), a nice tart pomegranate center, and finally a truffle version of crab apple cider made right from apple preserves we made with local crab apples right off of my neighbor's tree! One definitely tasted like another, so we've made sure to put two of each in your box.
New Fudges! If you've never had our fudge, you'd better sit down when you try this stuff. Unlike traditional fudge which is sugar based (and usually sickly sweet and grainy), our fudge is chocolate based, decadent, and silky smooth. For this promotion we are also offering 3 new varieties of fudge - an espresso infused called "Chokucinno", a sinfully good Salted Caramel variety, and then an improved version of our Dark Choklat fudge.
FREE CANADA WIDE DELIVERY You may not think this is a big deal, but it is - especially for a small chocolate company. Every business that isn't Amazon pays a lot of money to ship all over our huge country. People have suggested we use Canada Post. Yes it's cheap, and yes it really sucks. Smashed boxes, destroyed product, and oh... don't forget convenient (for them) strikes during the time of year when people need them most, haven't won my loyalty as a customer. I would rather your luxury chocolate arrive on your step in good shape. So when we can offer free shipping, that's a SMOKIN' deal - the icing on the brownie so to speak!
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Joanne Hampton

I don't think you can make our experience any better. The recipient of the chocolate (my mom) said it was better than ever and she is planning on eating all 8 bars of it by herself.

Ryan Brandt

My wife and I absolutely love this place and the chocolate, we recently paid a visit and found they have fudge and I must say itís the best I have ever had , love love love this place and the people.

Dorothy Hammill

What amazing chocolate! The OMG hot chocolate is unbelievably good! What a wonderful shop to find the best chocolate for yourself and for gifts.

Victor Toutant

I used your online system to send 3 orders all to different locations and all worked out great!! Thanks!!

Matthew Hildebrandt

Everything was great and all the bars made it intact to Toronto even in the hot summer. I'm thrilled you were able to expand to allow for delivery I haven't found better chocolate anywhere yet.

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