Five Big Bars.
A Box Of Truffles.


We're sorry you missed this amazing promotion. No worries though! You can still order other products for pick up this Friday May 7th, including your very own box of custom made truffles, and treat your Mom to some of our amazing chocolate, er... "Choklat"!

Build My Own Truffles!

This wickedly low priced offer was just a teaser and a great introduction to the amazing varieties of chocolate we make right from the bean in our factory using the rarest cocoa beans on earth. You can still order other products and also custom build your very own truffle combinations, that we'll make fresh for you! OMG....

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You may be surprised to know that chocolatiers like Purdy's, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Laura Secord, Bernard Callebaut, and almost every small chocolatier you can think of do not actually "make" the chocolate they use in their confections. They buy the chocolate already made - usually in the form of chips or blocks. While some may dabble with tiny machines and make tiny amounts of chocolate. That doesn't make them professional chocolate makers. Choklat's CEO painted a picture once. It doesn't make him an artist!

You see, there is a big difference between a chocolate maker and a chocolatier. A chocolate maker's primary business is importing cocoa beans and making chocolate. A chocolatier's primary business is using chocolate that's already been made to create their confections.

Choklat DOES BOTH. We make chocolate to sell, and and then we exclusively use our chocolate to make our confections.

Having been in business for 13 years now, Choklat has garnered a reputation for producing some of the finest artisan chocolate in the world, and is the only chocolatier in Canada that exclusively makes all of our chocolate in house.

Currently we import, roast, and refine 5 varieties of cocoa beans from 5 different regions of the world - Peru, Venuzuela, Brazil, Mexico and Ecuador. Each variety has it's own very distinctive flavour profile and along with making chocolate bars out of them, they are used in different ways to make our various confections.

We treat cocoa beans just like the fine wine industry treats grapes. Each cocoa bean we import is made into a single chocolate. We don't blend beans. EVER

If you have never had premium chocolate before you may be a bit startled by the taste. You see, cocoa beans are the seed of a tropical fruit. When it's harvested, it's covered in a pulp that tastes... well... fruity! Naturally, as those beans are processed into a good quality chocolate some of the fruitiness is preserved. This is a stark contrast to much of the chocolate we get here in North America, which in comparison usually tastes muddy, dry, chalky, and quite lack lustre.

So, if you've been "learning" to like your dark chocolate, well... stop. Just..... stop. First of all it's candy, and you should never have to "learn" to like your candy. Second, dark chocolate made properly isn't bitter, or dry, or chalky like typical grocery store dark chocolate. Good dark chocolate is rich and smooth. After you've tried ours, you'll understand what we're talking about.

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Peruvian 70% Dark Chocolate Peru has long been known as a producer of fine quality cocoa. We are happy to have brought these beans in, because they make an amazing, fruity chocolate.
Camino El Verde 70% Dark Chocolate This bar is a great way to showcase the typical floral notes found in European dark chocolate (except with the bitter, dry, chalky experience of intense, over roasted cocoa). These beans come to us all the way from Ecuador!
Chuao 70% Dark Chocolate Pronounced "Chew-Wow" this cocoa bean and the plantation from where it comes has a history dating all the way back to the 1700's. It has been heralded as the pinnacle of the chocolate industry and is what most chocolate companies aspire their chocolate to taste like. It truly is Chew Wow.
Brazilian 48% Milk Chocolate Most milk chocolate candy bars are made with powdered skim milk. Not ours! Take a complex cocoa bean, add powdered whole milk and a bit less sugar, and you have a creamy, rich, silky smooth milk chocolate that will make you weak in the knees.
TRUE White Chocolate Did you know that real white chocolate isn't actually white? Vanilla is brown. Cocoa butter is yellow. Powdered whole milk is a yellowish color. The only white ingredient is sugar. GREAT white chocolate contains no colorants, and is more like a beige color - showing off the real vanilla that's used. Even white chocolate haters can't hate this!
AMAAAAZING Fresh Truffles! First of all, our truffles are huge - at 25 grams each, they are literally twice the size of any competitor's. This means that you're going to get the equivalent of two dozen of our competitor's truffles (over 300g worth!) Now the best part: Over the years, we've made 100's and 100's of thousands of truffles, all by hand, and using only fresh ingredients. The truffles we include with this offer are a small collection of our most popular customer selections - dark chocolate, milk chocolate, hazelnut, and Baileys Irish Cream, just to name a few. Delicate flavours perfectly balanced with fresh cream, butter, and the chocolate we also make right here at our factory.
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Rachelle Lucas

Brad Churchill at Choklat.... I both love him and hate him. Hate him... because I'm forever spoiled after tasting his chocolate and now no chocolate bar besides his will ever be good enough. My favorite chocolate in the world is 3000 miles away from home in Calgary. Sigh.

Karen Anderson

I've taken a lot of people to chocolate tastings at Choklat over the last six years and the reaction is remarkable. People have a number of epiphanies. For me it's not only the taste of their chocolate that's fantastic - it's the mouth feel - it is always 100% silky and smooth. As someone who makes a living in the food industry, I can honestly tell you that Choklat makes the best artisanal chocolate I have ever tasted.


A few years ago, I tried very hard to get my hands on some Choklat chocolate (I was, after all, on a mission to try all of Canada's bean-to-bar chocolate). I e-mailed. I called. I begged..........And one day last February, I finally did. A friend of mine sent me some chocolate bars. I tried them all and loved them. But I was not yet ready to admit it. So I waited until I received another package of their chocolate bars a few weeks ago, which were purchased at a franchise location in Edmonton. This last package confirmed it: Choklat's chocolate bars ARE delicious."

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