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There is grocery store chocolate, and then there is Choklat.

Since 2008, Choklat has been importing the rarest and finest cacao beans from all over the world and making single origin chocolate which celebrates their unique flavours - including the "Holy Grail" of fine chocolate: Porcelana.

Each one of the bars in this collection showcases a single variety of cocoa bean. For the first time you can taste chocolate bars side by side and see for yourself the difference that the cocoa bean makes! WOW!!

Every bar is hand made, personally inspected and meticulously wrapped by our team. When it comes to quality there is no compromise for us.

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You may be surprised to know that chocolatiers like Purdy's, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Laura Secord, Bernard Callebaut, and almost every small chocolatier you can think of do not actually "make" the chocolate they use in their confections. They buy the chocolate already made - usually in the form of chips or blocks. While some may dabble with tiny machines and make tiny amounts of chocolate. That doesn't make them professional chocolate makers. Choklat's CEO painted a picture once. It doesn't make him an artist!

You see, there is a big difference between a chocolate maker and a chocolatier. A chocolate maker's primary business is importing cocoa beans and making chocolate. A chocolatier's primary business is using chocolate that's already been made to create their confections.

Choklat DOES BOTH. We make chocolate to sell, and and then we exclusively use our chocolate to make our confections.

Having been in business for 9 years now, Choklat has garnered a reputation for producing some of the finest artisan chocolate in the world, and is the only chocolatier in Canada that exclusively makes all of our chocolate in house.

Currently we import, roast, and refine 5 varieties of cocoa beans from 5 different regions of the world. Three are from Venezuela, one is from Mexico, and the other is from Brazil. Each variety has it's own very distinctive flavour profile and along with making chocolate bars out of them, they are used in different ways to make our various confections.

We treat cocoa beans just like the fine wine industry treats grapes. Each cocoa bean we import is made into a single chocolate. We don't blend beans. EVER

If you have never had premium chocolate before you may be a bit startled by the taste. You see, cocoa beans are the seed of a tropical fruit. When it's harvested, it's covered in a pulp that tastes... well... fruity! Naturally, as those beans are processed into a good quality chocolate some of the fruitiness is preserved. This is a stark contrast to much of the chocolate we get here in North America, which in comparison usually tastes muddy and quite lack lustre.

If you HAVE had premium chocolate before, you may prefer our 80% line instead of our 70% line. The reason is that the recipe for our 70% line results in a bar that isn't as intense as a typical dark bar. Also, due to the quality of the beans we buy, and the roasting profile we have settled on, our 80% has very little of the astringency and bitterness usually associated with bars of that intensity. A leading industry professional recently described our Cuyagua 80% as Wow. Wow. Wow. ...and this guy knows what he's talking about.

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Three Single Origin Dark Bars
Including One Porcelana Bar
Your celebration of chocolate starts at the top with the "Holy Grail" of the chocolate industry: Porcelana. We are the only chocolate maker in the world that has not one, but TWO varieties of this bean, and you get to taste it! This is the anchor for this collection and a great showcase of what premium chocolate can taste like. Not only that, but in the world of luxury chocolate, our porcelana bar would normally sell for twice the cost of this entire promotion! Each one of the amazing chocolate bars we make showcases a single variety of cocoa bean that we import. Join us on a trip through Central America. Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela. The flavours are deep, and rich, and exhibit none of the bitter, chalky characteristics that people have grown to associate with dark chocolate. Over the years we have hosted over 1,200 tours of our factory and when people taste the roasted cacao beans before we turn them into chocolate, they can't believe that the beans actually taste better than the finished chocolate they have been buying! This is a true testament to the quality of our ingredients.
Your Choice of Two More Bars Whether you like dark, milk, or white chocolate, we have you covered! You can choose two of our 80% dark bars, two more of our 70% bars, two amazing, creamy milk chocolate bars, or two of the most decadent white chocolate bars you can imagine. Whatever you choose, we promise that you won't be disappointed!
If Bar of Porcelana wasn't enough...
A Free Bonus Gift!
Not only are we a chocolate maker, but we're also a world class chocolatier! After all, we have to do something with all the chocolate we make! With your order, you get your choice of a small box of hand made truffles, a bar of our amazing fudge, or one of our award winning single serving drinking chocolates! Whatever you choose, it's all good! Note that if you choose really dark chocolate bars, we'll also give you dark chocolate truffles or fudge, and if you choose milk chocolate bars, we'll give you milk chocolate fudge or milk chocolate truffles to match.
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Brianna McIlquham

Went to Choklat as part of a work function and it changed my view of Chocolate forever! In a way it ruined it because no other chocolate will ever be able to measure up it was so good! It will now be a staple stop whenever I'm in Calgary in future!

Ryan Brandt

My wife and I absolutely love this place and the chocolate, we recently paid a visit and found they have fudge and I must say itís the best I have ever had , love love love this place and the people.

Dorothy Hammill

What amazing chocolate! The OMG hot chocolate is unbelievably good! What a wonderful shop to find the best chocolate for yourself and for gifts.

Victor Toutant

I used your online system to send 3 orders all to different locations and all worked out great!! Thanks!!

Matthew Hildebrandt

Everything was great and all the bars made it intact to Toronto even in the hot summer. I'm thrilled you were able to expand to allow for delivery I haven't found better chocolate anywhere yet.

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