About Us...

Phat420 (def: "excellent quality/ highly desireable") is a branded line of cannabis infused products owned and created by Choklat Inc., a Calgary based craft chocolate company. The products offered under this brand are the marriage of more than 15 years of experience as one of Canada's pre-eminent craft chocolate makers, and more than 4 years of cannabis related trial and error conducted personally by the company's CEO in his own home kitchen with his own chocolate products.

Where other companies purchase inexpensive bulk chocolate to make their infused confections, Choklat purchases the finest and rarest cocoa beans in the world to make the chocolate we use in our confections. Having control over every single ingredient and how it's handled allows Choklat to create products that others can't rival. For example: just like coffee can taste different due to the roast, so too can cocoa beans. Did you also know that cocoa beans have different flavour profiles? Some are earthy, whereas some are very fruity and floral. Not all work well in all cases. Our ability to create a chocolate that perfectly matches the intended flavour of the confection we make is a total game changer just by itself.

Then there are the other ingredients such as powdered cream instead of powdered skim milk that others use in their milk chocolate. There's nothing dietary about our stuff. We don't sugar coat that! (no pun intended). But O. M. G.... our milk chocolate is so rich and creamy because of it....

Did you know that Choklat became the first chocolate company in the world to be granted a Processing License for legally infusing cannabis into chocolate and sugar? It's true. Even as late as July 2021 there isn't a single company in Canada other than Choklat which makes both infused and non infused products available to both cannabis retailers and non cannabis retailers. Phat420 is the cannabis brand, and Choklat is the non cannabis brand.

What Makes Us Different?

It all starts with us being the ONLY chocolate maker in Alberta.
Yes. You read that correctly. The. ONLY. Chocolate. Maker.

We Are Truly Bean To Bar

Here in Alberta, regardless of what they may tell you at the counter, every other chocolatier uses bulk chocolate. Some dabble in chocolate making and offer micro batches or "limited editions" from small grinders. However nobody other than Choklat makes 100% of the chocolate used in day to day operations - including white chocolate. We import the rarest cocoa beans in the world, then roast, grind and refine them into chocolate that meets our exact specifications.

Honest And Transparent

It's a shame that I have write this. Many chocolatiers lie about making chocolate. The cannabis black market is even worse with their authentic looking packaging and outlandish claims of THC content! Almost ALL play word games on their packaging. The list goes on and on. You will find NONE of that here. EVER. In fact we are very public and outspoken against deceptive practices in this industry. It's about time you the customer were treated with respect and integrity.

Natural Ingredients

You'll find no artificial flavourings here! Real cocoa beans. Real vanilla. Real spices. No "ates" or "ites". There is a very good reason why thousands of people claim our confections are the best they've ever tasted.

All About Your Safety.

Blah Blah Blah... It's cliche', I know. We want your cannabis experience to be safe and enjoyable. Unlike the mystery edibles you get from the black market, our cannabis is distilled in Federally regulated facilities, and lab tested at least three times during the manufacturing process to ensure accuracy. Our resulting confections are carefully measured and accurate to literally 10,000'ths of a gram.