Our Product Vision

Our Phat420 line of products have been created with the same uncompromising attention to taste that has earned Choklat the reputation of producing some of the finest craft chocolate in the world today. Our cocoa beans are sourced directly from growers in Peru. Our sugar is made right here in Alberta. We use the finest madagascan vanilla in the world. For us, your edible experience begins with nothing less than the enjoyment of the rich, decadent taste of the best chocolate that money can buy.

Our Dark Choklat

The dark chocolate we make for our infused line of products is more intense than the recipe we use for our single origin line on our conventional chocolate side. While it's still a 70% dark, the ratio of cocoa beans to cocoa butter is higher. The reason for this comes down to taste. We want you to taste chocolate, not "weed", and a richer, deeper chocolate flavour will ensure you get none of the unpleasant, grassy flavour that the cannabis industry is famous for. Grab a beverage, sit back, relax and enjoy an amazing bar of chocolate and in a short while, the pleasant effects that the cannabis brings.

Our Milk Choklat

Long before legalization of cannabis was even a glint in our government's eye, we were making milk chocolate so smooth and rich that it made the knees weak of every food critic who tried it. We use whole milk powder instead of skim milk powder typically used for milk chocolate We use less sugar than industrial milk chocolate. And of course we use some of the finest cocoa beans in the world roasted and refined to perfection right here at Choklat. The chocolate is so good that we decided not to mess with the recipe at all for this line. It's exactly the same recipe you will find in local grocery stores - except of course that our Phat420 line has THC in it. Wow Wow Wow!!!

Our White Choklat

Yes Virginia, white chocolate IS chocolate. Errr..."Choklat". Creamy and rich, our white chocolate is unlike any you've tasted before. This is the one product that does in fact have a very faint cannabis flavour, but in our opinion the combination of cannabis and vanilla doesn't take away from the enjoyment of a great white chocolate. It's very unique and quite enjoyable.

Our Drinking Choklat

We use the term drinking chocolate instead of "hot chocolate" because "hot chocolate" is made with cocoa powder, which is the bottom of the barrel in the chocolate industry. Our drinking chocolate starts with perfectly roasted whole cocoa beans just as it was done over 1,000 years ago by the Aztecs, and Mayans. It is this drink that earned chocolate the name "Food Of The Gods", and our recipe has won every competition we have entered it into.

Our Infused Sugar

To be honest, our infused sugar was an accidental discovery as our CEO was learning how to infuse chocolate with cannabis in his home kitchen. He was sharing his experience with friends. One spoke up and said "Forget chocolate for a minute. Imagine the possibilities of what an infused sugar can offer." A simple little packaged dumped in your juice, coffee, tea, a foo foo umbrella drink at a party, and the list goes on. Just imagine the possiblities!

Our Wicked Mug Brownie

Since opening our first Choklat location way back in 2008, we have sold literally hundreds of thousands of fresh baked brownies. They have almost been more popular than our chocolate itself! When we launched our Phat420 cannabis brand we realized the new cannabis framework made it virtually impossible to get a fresh baked product into your hands. We absolutely refuse to use preservatives so we had to come up with an alternative. It took a while but we did! We have developed a decadent cannabis infused brownie mix that can literally be mixed and cooked in less than 2 minutes! This will sure to be a hit for Christmas stocking stuffers and desserts at adult parties.